Medication Administration Policy

You are required to provide a doctor's written order and information on any medication (prescription or O.T.C.) that your child may be taking during programs. All medication must be in its original container. When you sign your cild into the program a designated instructor will sign in any medication and will carry it until needed by your child.

By VT Health Department regulations, all medications must be self-administered unless the child is unable to do so. When the program is over, be sure to sign out your child's medication.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds given for cancellation of preschool-age programs for weather-related reasons.

Should you choose to cancel an enrollment for any reason, our refund policy is as follows:

1. If you cancel 30 or more days prior to the program starting date, you are entitled to a full refund, minus the deposit.

2. If you cancel between 29 and 14 days prior to the program starting date, Camp Waubanong will retain half the program tuition.

3. If you cancel fewer than 14 days prior to the program starting date or after the program has begun, there will be no refunds.

camp "To Bring" Policy

For your child's safety and enjoyment, it is essential that he or she has what s/he needs on every day of our program. If even one child is unable to stay warm, we may need to shorten our outside time for safety. If your child arrives at camp without the proper gear, our staff may decide it is not safe for her or him to stay. In this situation you would be asked to return with your child later in the day and with adequate gear.

It is part of our job to help you learn how to dress your child appropriately for our program. 

Scholarship Information

Camp Waubanong is committed to making our programs available to as many people as possible. To this end, we generate scholarships via our sliding-scale fee on a program-to-program basis. Any contributions made over the minimum of the sliding scale for all our programs is considered a contribution to our scholarship fund. Thus, scholarships are limited to the sum of these funds and are awarded based on equitable distribution.

What to know about scholarships before applying:

  • The maximum scholarship we can supply for any program is outlined below by program type.
  • Full scholarships are considered under extenuating circumstances, and on a case by case basis.
  • Scholarship applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 days before the program start date.

Maximum scholarship by program:

  • Adult Workshops: 50% of program cost up to $75.
  • Summer Camp: $75 per week of summer camp for a maximum of 2 weeks of camp.

How to apply:

  • When submitting a scholarship application, please remember that no space can be held without a deposit. If participation is contingent upon scholarship funding, please submit your scholarship application with a check or credit card payment for the deposit in order to hold your spot in the desired program. If you are applying for a scholarship for more than the maximum amount, please call our office at 802-490-5550.
  • After submitting your scholarship application, please also complete the Registration Form for the program your child would like to attend.
  • We will get back to you about your scholarship application within one week of submission.
  • Please find the scholarship application here: Camp Waubanong Scholarship Application

Late Pick-Up Policy

Our staff have families, too! If your child remains in our care beyond the appointed pick up time we reserve the right to charge you for the additional supervision costs incurred. The cost is $20 for each fifteen minute increment or portion thereof. By signing the registration form you agree to this policy and agree to be charged accordingly.