Thank you for your interest in being an LIT this summer!  If you are chosen as a potential LIT for Camp Waubanong you will receive an email with further instructions.  We have limited openings available each session that fill up fast.  Its never to early to commit to being an LIT at Camp Waubanong!


Leaders in training live in cabins with Instructors and campers ages 6-14 and attend camp for a minimum of two consecutive weeks.  LITs participate in all aspects of camp life with their cabins (activities, meals, overnight).  With the support of Instructors, LITs have opportunities to lead a variety of camp activities including; bushcraft, wilderness and survival, music, performing arts, cooking, sports and games. LITs also support camp through a variety of work projects. This position is highly recommended for anyone interested in becoming a Instructor in the future. LITs should possess the following qualities:

♦15-17 years old ♦ Interest in working with children ♦ Experience in a camp or outdoor setting

♦ Experience in a camp or outdoor setting ♦ Strong leadership skills ♦ Positive attitude

♦ Demonstrated ability to work in a team ♦ Self-starter ♦ Acts as a positive role model

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minimum 2 weeks
♦ Why do you want to be a LIT? ♦ Are there any activities you know how to help lead? ♦ What are your interests & hobbies? ♦ What else should we know about you?