Let me count the ways...

We think Camp Waubanong is a very fun and rewarding place to be - maybe you would too!

Strengthening Connection to Nature. Epic Games. Friction Fire. Nature Awareness. Building Community. Stories and Songs. Do you have a deep connection with the natural world that you want to share with others? Do you love practicing primitive skills and playing epic games? Do you thrive working in the outdoors with youth?
Camp Waubanong is not your typical summer day or overnight camp. We are seeking gregarious, enterprising individuals to join our wilderness skills mentoring team! Our radical approach to education fosters a meaningful connection to the outdoors through nature awareness, primitive skills, curiosity, community and the mystery of the natural world. Youth aged 3-16 spend their entire days immersed in the fields, forests and waterways of undeveloped nature – gathering resources, crafting tools, navigating the landscape, mastering fire skills and surviving limitless challenges together. Instructors will help craft our nature-based programs, facilitate positive group energy, and keep kids safe and engaged.

Qualified applicants will have:

• Experience working with children
• Strong background in natural history, primitive skills, and/or team-building
• Compassion, creativity, attention to safety, a passion for teaching and nature
• Willingness to work in a collaborative team to create and deliver safe, quality programs
• Good sense of humor and flexibility


When applying for camp positions, please be aware that camp runs from July 5th – August 12th. To be considered for a position, applicants must be able to work for this entire period. We offer Friday night and Saturdays off for almost all camp staff as well as designated breaks during the day.


Camp Waubanong is known for its delicious, wholesome, nutritious food! Traditionally, foodservice professionals from local eateries and establishments are hired to prepare and serve three square meals each day for both campers and staff. We require training of all foodservice staff, including safe food handling and sanitary procedures. 


Instructors live in cabins with, and supervise up to eight campers at a time, ages 6-16, and participate in all aspects of camp life with their campers (activities, meals, overnight). Our instructors lead multiple activities throughout the day including; woodcraft, wilderness and survival, music, performing arts, cooking, sports and games, all camp games, team building, ice-breakers, etc. Most instructors will run one primary activity and offer one choice activity in the afternoons. Instructors work with all other camp staff to ensure the safety of all campers at all times. Instructors also act as mentors to LITs who will live in cabins and work alongside them during camp. Camp is closed on Friday and Saturday nights, which enables all staff to be off together for two nights a week. Each instructor also receives two days off per week, as well as a break on “on” days.


Leader-In-Training (LITs) live in cabins with instructors and campers ages 6-14, and attend camp for a minimum of two consecutive weeks. LITs participate in all aspects of camp life with their cabins (activities, meals, overnight). With the support of Instructors, LITs have opportunities to lead a variety of camp activities including; woodcrafts, wilderness survival, music, performing arts, cooking, sports, and all camp games. LITs also support camp through a variety of work projects, from collecting firewood, to rebuilding the driveway, and of course the oh-so-loved dish duty. This position is highly recommended for anyone interested in becoming a instructor in the future. LIT spots are open to anyone ages 15-17, although preference is given to former campers in filled weeks.


Our lifeguard has current Red Cross Lifeguard Certifications. Lifeguarding shifts last one and a half hours and occur once or twice a day. The lifeguard is also responsible for all planning and management of the pool. This also includes the maintenance, opening and closing.  Our ideal candidate will be an instructor with lifeguard certifications. 


Love the outdoors?  Are you a Camp Waubanong Alumni?  Take the next step and become a Camp Instructor and challenge yourself and become a leader of the wild. It is generally best to fill out applications electronically and send them to info@campwaubanong.com. Applicants sending by email will be received and responded to more quickly. If it’s not possible for you to email, we receive postal mail at Camp Waubanong, Attn: Sean Ashcraft  P.O Box 2199, Brattleboro, VT, 05303

We are looking for:
• Day Camp Youth Wilderness Instructors
• Overnight Camp Teen Wilderness Instructors
• Sunshine Camp (Ages 3-5) Instructors
• Summer Camp Kitchen Manager