Get ready for some serious fun...

Since 1924, Camp Waubanong Summer Camps based in Southern Vermont have brought amazing outdoor experiences to kids and teens from around the country. Our talented leaders craft each week to bring growth, fun and discovery through wilderness survival skills, nature mentoring, community building activities. Our summer camps offer a unique opportunity for toddlers, kids and teens to immerse themselves in the natural world for days at a time.

When children come to a Camp Waubanong Day Camp, you can be sure of at least two things...

1. They will spend over 35 hours in the great outdoors EACH WEEK, being challenged and supported by our seasoned staff. When we say "outside" we mean it - wild nature is what we're all about. Un-bounded, un-plugged, un-matched nature immersion is what we deliver.
2. They'll come home inspired after a full day of awesome adventures, achieving new levels of self-confidence among a supportive community of peers and mentors.

Each year we are joined by amazing staff and guest instructors with unique areas of expertise to share with our growing community of nature-connection enthusiasts.

*Day Camps run 9:00am - 4:00pm. Overnight Drop happens Sunday at 4pm and pickup is 430pm on Friday.*

Sunshine Camp (ages 4-5)

Nature is the teacher and at Sunshine Camp we help young children connect with nature and each other, as they explore a safe space in the outdoors. Each day at Sunshine Camp kids discover the wonders in the woods around our camp, sing songs, and share stories. They use natural materials such as clay, rock-paint, bark and leaves to create works of woodland art. Our forest playground includes trails to explore, forts to build and play inside, and puddles in which to stomp and splash.

Woodland Day Camp (ages 6-8)

Our Woodland Day Camps are designed to introduce campers to experiences that create life-long connections with nature. Our senior summer staff teams are wilderness veterans allowing our small camp groups to venture out well beyond the confines of your average summer camp.

A note about 5 year-olds

We understand that every child develops differently. Some five-and-a-half year-olds are more than ready for our full-day summer camp programming, and others would thrive in our Sunshine Camp . What this means for summer camp is as follows:

Any child who turns 6 between June 1 and December 31 will be able to attend a specified week of Woodland Day Camp. If you feel your 5 year-old is ready for our Woodland Day camps, please call our office at (802) 490-5550 or send us an email at

Forager Day Camp (ages 8-11)

Forager Camps provide campers an opportunity to push their skills to the next level. Forager Camp offer a single overnight option where campers can gain confidence and self reliance under the guidance of skilled wilderness instructors without long overnight commitment.

All 8 year-olds who wish to attend our Forager Day Camps must be a returning camper. We consider returning campers anyone who has attended at least one week of summer camp or participated in a school-year program.