If you are considering coming to work or study with us we thought you might like to hear what we enjoy about living and working in this beautiful place and why we think you might like it too!

Named one of the top ten small art towns in the country, Brattleboro's downtown is packed with coffee shops, bookstores, and art galleries. Over the course of a year, the town hosts world class jazz concerts, film festivals, and theater companies. Since 1922, Brattleboro has also been home to the Harris Hill Ski Jump, an annual winter tradition that brings thousands of spectators to the town to watch as some of the world's best athletes tackle the death-defying 90-meter ski jump.

Whetstone Station

Whetstone Station

Downtown Brattleboro is the cultural & economic hub for Southern Vermont and the region.

Known for its fun, funky arts vibe, Downtown Brattleboro’s compact, walkable footprint houses an incredible variety of entertainment venues, diverse dining, unique boutiques, and local artisans, exuding an urban-esque feel, all set against the natural beauty and charm you'd expect to find in Vermont. Rivers and mountains add dramatic views and outdoor adventures.

Live performances and festivals are hosted in historic theatres, including the Latchis, with its elaborate art deco designs. There's also a youth theater, a reclaimed laundromat, a circus training center, and more. Street performances can be impromptu or well-planned, professional exhibitions. It's an eclectic mix that surprises and delights.

If you like to eat & drink, you’ll find Downtown Brattleboro has become a true foodie destination. Specialties range from Thai to Farm Fresh, Vegan, Fine Dining, Italian, and more. A year-round Farmer’s Market, award-winning Co-op, pubs, distillers, artisanal food creators, and 4 local breweries round out the offerings. Nearly every restaurant and shop in Downtown Brattleboro hosts local artwork, highlighted during our monthly First Friday Gallery Walks.

Downtown Brattleboro’s unique “vibe” can be hard to explain, but is often talked about. Experience it for yourself and you’ll understand why people keep coming back.

Brattleboro Vermont is a perfect place for your outdoor adventures!

The West River converging with the Connecticut River right in Downtown Brattleboro, offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.

The greater Brattleboro area offers almost 100 miles of mountain biking trails, so fill up the water bottle and strap on a helmet. For people who would rather take a hike, there's no limit to the scenic routes that lead through the mountains.

Bring the children and walk around quiet Sweet Pond, with its breathtaking scenery and spectacular array of wildlife. Or, climb to the fire tower on Mt. Olga for a striking 100-mile view. From the shorter trails surrounding the city to The Long Trail, a 265-mile hiking trail that cuts north and south through Vermont, Brattleboro has plenty of hiking fun for both the novice and the experienced hiker. Once adventurers get a breath of that fresh air and spend time with the rugged beauty of the Green Mountains, they will want to spend as much time as they can outside every season.